The Summit On Race In America

Hosted by the LBJ Foundation, The Summit on Race in America occurred April 8-10, 2019 at the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, Texas.

A Final Word

Now that time has passed, we've had time to rest, reflect, and pause for a moment of gratitude. Never did we, the LBJ Foundation and LBJ Library teams, imagine that what began as a brainstorming session in fall 2018 would have flourished into a three-day summit tackling one of the most complex issues of our time—race.

As President Lyndon B. Johnson knew, the destiny of democracy is not preordained. It is in the hands of every generation of Americans who must charge to leave it stronger for the next. The Summit on Race in America was our charge to promote a deeper understanding of the challenges our country faces on race. While we know no discussion can reflect every voice and point of view, we hope that the perspectives offered during the summit illuminated those challenges and strengthened our resolve for meaningful change towards greater unity among all Americans.

We thank you for making The Summit on Race in America an incredible success. Whether you attended in person, tuned in from afar, or joined in on the conversation online, your contribution was important.

Now, our charge for the future is to continue to address the issue of race in the hopes that we may one day, in President Johnson's words, lay aside irrelevant differences and make our nation whole. We hope you'll join us.

Mark K. Updegrove
President and CEO
LBJ Foundation

Summit Highlights
Highlights from The Summit on Race in America

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